International Day for
CoffeeKitescafe-Coffeeday 25thSep - 1stOct

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Highlights of the Event

Kites café’s International Day for Coffee is a pinnacle festivity. The celebration concluded with various curriculum such as,

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedayOffering 1000 cup of free Coffee’s:
  • Kites inaugurates its mission of free coffee offering regally promoting coffee culture among the public. On this Coffee occasion days, Kites will offer 1000 cup of free coffee’s to the actively participated customers and public as well.

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedayScreening of Documentary about Coffee:
  • Coffee consumers & cultivators evolved a lot over these years, a long journey from the seed to a soil and inturn to a bean, it costs the hard work of millions and millions of people and it always left un-noticed.

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedayKites talk:
  • It’s a coffee forum, it covers a wide range of topics from the coffee plantation to brewing of coffee, coffee brewing maching, coffee-makers, coffee marketing etc. Simply, the ample talk of Kites will provide the sufficient knowledge about the coffee

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedayGift vouchers:
  • Kites International Day for Coffee week celebrates from (25/09/2017 to 01/10/2017). The discussion on experience and unknown facts about coffee are a special session of this whole week, the best words of the customer will be offered with a gift voucher of worth Rs. 25000/-

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedaySpecial coupons:
  • A delightful way of dedicating International Day for Coffee to all, Kites exclusively gives the discount coupon of RS.100/- for dining and home delivery. For the grand celebration of coffee moments, Kites privileged to offer the special coupons in order to promote the coffee drinking.

  • Kitescafe-CoffeedayFun-filling events:
  • Kites café is known as more than a just café. It’s a fine place to have fun and share knowledge. The more fun-filling events are awaiting to make the International Day for Coffee as a delightful page in the good books of Kites.


Arabica coffee bean is inherent from central Ethiopia. But the name Arabica was given to this species by botanist Carolus Linnaeus who falsely considered that the bean was originated from Arabian Peninsula, now a day it is Yemen.


The coffee bean Robusta is derived from the Latin name “ Robustus.” Actually, it denotes the feminine gender which gives the meaning of “strongness”.

A day not actualized without the coffee wakeup. Coffee is mingling with all ceremonial occasions, a special beverage consumed next to water. It’s not just a coffee, undoubtedly plays the pivotal role as a drink. The general truth that the great ideas and decisions arise over a single brew of coffee. In this way, the International Day for Coffee in Kites holds a precious moment to celebrate the true essence of coffee’s with a wide diversed coffee lovers.

Kites celebration not only concentrates on the luxury growth of coffee, behind it is a tribute to the hard-working farmers and workers who all are engaged in the coffee revolution. It’s a celebration merely for coffee, and its growth sustained with numerous process. The aspiration of the event to nurture the Barista-culture through over every cup of the coffee offering.

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